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There was this student who called up one evening and said “I have got admission at a University in Lithuania, and I want to hire overseas education consultants to complete my study visa process, can you do that?” Without thinking twice we said YES to him.
This is not how easily it all happened. There was much behind it. The Documentation process for Lithuania is a little complicated. There is not much transparency on the process and the history was the Visa applications for Lithuania got rejected for the smallest possible reasons. PD Consultants team worked very hard for 3 weeks continuously to make sure that the process is followed in the best possible manner.
We constantly communicated with the embassy via emails and phone calls. We wrote emails to Lithuanian Universities for further guidance. We explored every single option for information that was available to us and decided to arrange documentation and file a visa application on the best judgement basis. And the final result was that the student got the Visa in the first attempt.
From there on; student inquiries with us for studies overseas kept growing constantly.
Our message to students “As far as overseas education is concerned, if there is anything other consultants can do, we can do that with a greater responsibility!”